Monday, January 20, 2020

I Love Good Cookies

I am a Caricaturist.

No, this blog is not about self discovery (I already know I'm a Caricaturist) it's more about realization and maybe a little frustration.  I guess I could compare myself to an actor who is very successful making comedy movies, however he wants to do Shakespeare. So he try's it and although he receives critical acceptance,  he goes back to making successful comedies. The reason is simple, you can buy much better cookies with a successful box office comedy than you can with a half empty theater, albeit critically acclaimed Shakespearean performance.

My William Shakespeare is Bill Watterson.  His comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes,  was (in my world) Romeo and Juliet. His work inspired me to create my webcomic. Missed Approach and the reason I'll probably continue to struggle creatively between my webcomic and my caricatures. Why, you might ask, do I struggle creatively when I'm so inspired by the art of Bill Watterson?? Well, two reasons. First reason, i love good cookies. Secondly, I hold one artist in higher regard than Bill Watterson...that man is the late, Al Hirschfeld.

If you don't know his genius, look him up (or watch the 1996 documentary, The Line King). I consider Mr. Hirschfeld's creations in the same realm as an Vincent Van Gogh's creations. He is the reason I draw caricatures,...that and the fact that I love good cookies.

The struggle continues...

Monday, January 6, 2020


I have to wonder🤔...

Does anyone care about webcomics? I think I've created a damn good one in my webcomic, Missed Approach.

However, when examining the stats, I'm not seeing any interest in it. As opposed to what you're reading right now, The Michael Hopkins Cartoons Blog, whos' stats tell me there's a great deal of interest in this blog (and that interest increases daily). This brings me to a conundrum that I've faced before, do I continue producing more, Missed Approach's or am I wasting my time and should instead use that time instead, to focus more on this blog?

There's so much more I'd like to do with this blog, however time is infinite and I spend a lot of that time, producing my webcomic. So there's the conundrum.

What would I like to do with this bog (you ask)? Well, let me tell ya...One idea that's always been at the top of my list is to travel to different events throughout the spring and summer, drawing caricatures and bring you with me via this blog and maybe my seldom used YouTube channel (iamscribbles).

Another idea is to write in this blog on a daily basis to see if that translates into a larger audience.

Even another idea, is to use this blog to record my journey to the 2020 Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon. Yes, that's right, I made a resolution to run that marathon this year and I'm gonna make  it happen...besides I really need to get into better shape (my body tell me that every morning). Hopfully then, I could use this blog, not only just to entertain, but to also inspire others to chase their dreams.

Finally,  I'm exploring photography and would also like that adventure with you, via this blog.

So there you have it! As I stated previously, time is infinite and I can hear it ticking...

May the force be with you..

Wednesday, January 1, 2020


Happy New Year and greetings from Reno Tahoe Airport (yes, I'm fueling jets on New Year's Day). I guess technically it's called Reno/Tahoe International Airport...but the only International flight I see here is a daily dose of Volaris Airline, I believe it arrives from Mexico...

The unusual thing is, everytime I seen Volaris Airline arrive I have this overwhelming, urge to break into song, namely the tune, Volare.  Of course the song was made famous by Dean Martin, however I sound more like Tony Clifton, who was occasionally, Andy Kaufman (or was he and is he still alive???)

I guess that's one of the great conspiracy  theories of my generation. Maybe Andy and Elvis are hanging out somewhere this morning, hung over from last nights celebration, drinking coffee and laughing at us all. It's a nice thought.

Which brings me to my New Years Resolutions. I usually don't stick to them, however this year I'm gonna try. So here's the list (in no particular order).

  • Start creating my webcomic, "Missed Approach" again.
  • Visit Elvis's home, Graceland.
  • See The Killers and Thom Yorke perform in person.
  • Find a relationship and keep it forever (hopefully).
  • Write more often in my blog (good start, eh?)
  • Oh yea...and get into shape. I've been think about photographing myself everyday and seeing how I progress. If I do, I'll share them on this blog
So what do you think? Have you made any resolutions? If so, let me know. 

Talk to you soon.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Goodbye 2019

Two days to go, until we say goodbye to 2019 forever! Good riddance! I’m looking forward to 2020 like no other year before. Many things happening in 2020, the Presidential election, the 2020 Winter Olympics and I get my Batmobile back (long story, I explain in the future)

Most importantly is the return of my critically acclaimed (well, slightly acclaimed by a few), webcomic, Missed Approach!

That’s right folks,Captain James P. Kurt, First Officer Dan Doodles and the entire crew are returning for 2020! Ready to be amazed at how far I cross the line with my irreverent humor and complete lack of respect for all of the overly sensitive issues of the day?? Then fasten those seatbelts and place your tray tables in their upright locked positions..and hang on! Missed Approach is back January 1st! 

Also, due to the return of Missed Approach, were kinda going to drop one resolution already...and that is daily Michael Hopkins Cartoons Blog entries. We’re going to replace that  with many new Missed Approach episodes. Unfortunately, due to the fact that also fuel airlines for 8 hours a day, that doesn't leave as much time in the day, for blogging, creating a webcomic and drawing caricatures (at home and on the road). So until I can afford to give up the day job, sacrifices need to be made. Unfortunately, the blog is going to take a backseat to the webcomic. I’ll still blog (and probably more than I did in 2019) , but we’re gonna place the emphasis on the webcomic. However, I’m sure you’ll enjoy both and I have many big plans for, Missed Approach!

Below is my latest caricatures. It’s my interpretation of one of my favorite Instagram people. Her Instagram name is @dazey_duck.

Besides being very easy on the eyes, she’s also a very talented Artist from my home city of Reno, Nevada. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and if you do, tell her @iamscribbles sent ya! 

Have a great rest of your night and pray for the Seattle Seahawks. The way they were looking tonight when I turned off the television, they're gonna need it.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Opportunity Knocks

Hello Blogosphere!

So Pewdiepie...

is taking a break from YouTube next year and at the same time, Michael Hopkins Cartoons Blog is going full time...hmmm? Coincidence? Is this fate? Have the planets aligned for the Michael Hopkins Cartoons Blog? Maybe I can snag one percent of his 100,000,000 plus, subscribers? Of  course, we don't have the same
demographic/audience (is that the correct term?), however maybe some of his audience would like to start reading a blog from a child of the 70's while their idol from the last decade, is taking a break from YouTube?? Ok, probably not gonna happen boomer, but it's an interesting thought...massive amounts of YouTube youth, flocking to a blog about the life of a 50 something cartoonist...Nope, not gonna happen.

Thanks to my son (one of the YouTube youth I was referring to), I have watched a few of Pewdiepie's videos and they're decently entertaining.  In my opinion, they're more entertaining that 95% of what's passing for entertainment on television.  Also, probably because of my son's interest in Pewdiepie I have subscribed to a few YouTube channels myself. Some of my current favorites are, L&C Travels, The Carpetbagger, Matt Bridger, Slotlady and Captmoonbeam. Basically, if you want my attention on YouTube, make sure the video is hosted by a beautiful woman, who visits Las Vegas often and loves aviation (coincidentally...the exact kind of woman I want to marry

Just saying...


Monday, December 16, 2019

Opps... I forgot!

As I was re-reading my blog from last night, I realized I didn't post pictures from my Saturday night here ya go!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Life is Good

It's a peaceful Sunday night here here in the world of the Michael Hopkins Cartoons Blog...however...what a busy weekend it's been! Two events this weekend (as you can see in the last two previous posts) and two entirely different types of people to draw. Both groups were fun, however both were socially and economically different. One group was a local community outreach group, while the other group were employees of a recent start up, tech company. It's funny how two different types of employees can be so similar. Both groups had the a person that laughed entirely through the drawing process and thoroughly enjoyed the process (and the outcome). However, both groups also had that one subject that was not amused with my rendering of their caricature.

Which makes me wonder, how many people know exactly how closely I listen to every word they say while I'm drawing them? Their facial expressions (reaction) during the course of me drawing them, their words (or their silence) and their interaction with me and the people around them, during the process. 

Something I've also realized while drawing caricatures at these events is how much I appreciate women. I look into the eyes of these goddesses and realize how easily I could fall in love with each and every one of them. Women are the wonder of nature. Each woman has a specific aura around her. It doesn't matter what shape or size, I find beauty in all of them. I wonder if they realize how amazing I find them? I look into their eyes and try to read them and find their personality beneath. I then I look at their facial features, their lips, their smile and think, "I am indeed a fortunate man". Oh, and then there are the guys...n yea..I just have fun drawing the guys...ahh but the women! 

Life is good.