Sunday, February 18, 2018


I’ve had a bit of an artists block lately. However, to be honest, I’m not sure if it really is an Artist Block?. I’m easily distracted and there are plenty of distractions (“like butterflies are buzzing ‘round my head” - from the 1989 Paul McCartney song, Distractions) anyways...Is there such a thing as Artists Block? Personally, I don’t think so. I think to be a successful artist one needs to put their art, above their distractions. I create many distractions on my own, watching YouTube and Netflix, donating money to various local casinos, dating sites (yes, I know…), letting moronic things at my bartending gig (i.e., Gnomes with over-inflated, unjustified egos-bigger than they are, get to me) and of course dealing with the “walkers” (I’ll go into that another day...or maybe’s not politically correct). So, tonight I’ve decided to try and let go of many of these distractions and focus more on things that pump blood to the right side of the brain.

Believe it or not, one thing that helps me think and in turn, starts pumping blood to the right side of the brain is golf. Although, I am not a great golfer (and I don’t care) I find the game of golf fascinating, relaxing and peaceful. I’ve gotten some of my best ideas on a golf course. I don’t worry about my score, I just relax and let all the stress go, for a couple of hours. While golfing, I’m in another dimension and become one with my thoughts. I believe that a lot of us have lost the ability to separate ourselves and our happiness, from this Facebook world we have created.

Another activity I miss is road trips, with no destination. I use to do this when I owned a motorcycle (back in my 20’s) and coincidentally speaking, that was also that same time I was producing some great cartoons.  Hmmm..maybe I should buy another motorcycle???

So we’ll see what happens. In the meantime below of some examples of my, Cosmic Fowl Webcomics. I don't know how many of you are familiar with them, but this is one of the projects I’m currently working on. Enjoy them...and if you like them, please visit my web comic by clicking the link below,

By the way, the Michael Hopkins YouTube is still coming….

Stay tuned.


Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Little "Red-Haired" Girl

Love is not defined by the end result, love is defined by the journey.

She walks into the room...again. Your eyes and attention focus solely on her. Your heartbeat increases and that spell, that she has unknowingly cast upon you, consumes you. Everyone and everything that is happening around you, becomes insignificant, to the point of disappearing. What were you thinking? What were you doing, prior to the point in which she walked into the room? It doesn’t matter, for she is the sole focus of your universe. You’ve never seen anyone like her before and you know, you’ll never see anyone like her again.

This is the moment from which love songs are inspired and love stories are written. We all wait for this moment, but alas, it taunts us with paralysis. We can’t act. Life has taught us to be cautious to point of being jaded. How would one dare to approach such an immortal. For we are mere mortals and now our attention is focused on the unattainable. There is no place on this earth, where one who bows down before, rises and captures the heart of the princess like her.

So we move on...and yet we never forget.

Today you think she noticed you, or was that a mere glance of courtesy? When she is not looking, you capture her essence..a photograph for your memory. We all take moments to dream.

Days turn into nights and nights turn into tomorrows. Our indecisiveness causes our paths to divert. One path not taken, creates a new path and changes our future forever.

By Michael Hopkins - January 11th, 2018
*Peanuts by Charles Schultz

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A New Year

Happy New Year everybody (albeit...a little late). As 2017 disappears in our rear view mirror and 2018 stares us in the face, I would like to thank you for continuing to read my blog. Although I updated my blog more often in 2017 than any other previous year, I hope to increase those blog updates in 2018 and give you more reasons to follow Michael Hopkins Cartoons.

Here’s a few more reasons to stay tuned...

Reason #1 - I’ve had a few new ideas for my webcomic, Cosmic Fowl. As I stated previous blogs, I struggle with webcomics (especially strips style, web comics) so when I think about drawing more, Cosmic Fowl!, webcomics, occasionally I break out in a cold sweat...On the Other Hand (by the my favorite, Randy Travis songs) if I don’t follow through on these ideas that pop in my head, I feel as though I wasting inspiration. Besides, Cosmic Fowl! is a panel webcomic which I enjoy drawing much more than a strip webcomic. So I’m going to follow through, create a few new Cosmic Fowl! webcomics and see what happens. I should start publishing these in the next couple weeks

Reason #2 - I’m starting a YouTube channel! I’ve actually had this channel for a while, but recently I’ve decided to take it a bit more seriously. I only have two videos on there at the moment, however I’m working on an another one and I will publish that one as soon as soon as i figure out how to edit videos. I’ll post it on the Michael Hopkins Cartoons Blog, as soon as I figure it out :)

Anyways, enough for now. I’ll be back soon!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


By Michael Hopkins

This is my latest Pen & Ink Caricature. It's of the band, Muse (specifically, left to right, Dominic Howard, Chris Wolstenholme and Matt Bellamy). In my opinion, the greatest band to have ever walked the face of the earth. 
I used to think it was The Beatles or Queen, but this band blows me away on everyone one of their albums. I have yet to find a song on any Muse album that I don't like. I can't say that about any other band or performer. I am in awe of their music and talent. They're amazing.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Premonitions, Ebay and Classics!

It's $%&&^$# Monday...Actually today's not so bad, 'cause I'm actually working with the left half of the brain (or is it the right half??)...anyways, I'm being creative. Normally this time of the week I'm selling cancer, pouring drinks and "entertaining" the public in my own unique way (I'm an acquired taste). You see, I was suppose to be in Vegas this week, but due to a premonition, I didn't go. I'm not usually one to give into "premonitions", however since I was driving (and mostly though the Nevada desert), I figured I better follow this one. Since I didn't go to Vegas and I had already acquired three days off from the "cancer distribution center", I figured I'd get some art related work here I am.


I'm currently offering three of my original Pen & Ink drawings on Ebay. I've has success with Ebay in the past, so I figured I'd give it another go. Below are the three drawing I'm selling on Ebay along with the links to them. Check them out and if you're interested or know someone who might be, pass it on. By the way, if you mention, Michael Hopkins Cartoons Blog, I'll give you free shipping!

Now that, that's out of the way...My brother stopped by last week....

Besides the nice visit, he dropped off some of my old drawings. There's quite a few of them, many of which, I didn't even recall drawing. However, once I did see them again, my recollection of them and the exact moment in my life when I created them, came flooding back into the memory banks. Most of the drawings are political/editorial cartoons. I created them during the 80's and 90's ..and I have to admit, they're pretty damn good (if I say so myself), they may have even inspired me to wade back into those Political/Editorial waters. Anyways...I'm going to post them from time to time, on my Patreon account. If you're interested (MORE SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION), for as little as $1.00 a month, you'll have access to these old...err...CLASSIC...Michael Hopkins drawings, as I post them. 

If you'd to support my Patreon account, check out the link below...

That's all for now...


Monday, November 20, 2017

The Definition of Insanity

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

I can't sustain a web comic. I've tried, over and over again. I've probably re-started my web comic, Missed Approach, at least a dozen times. I never have enjoyed it. I've never had the passion to create it and I've never had the desire to sustain it...and yet somehow, I keep coming back to it and expecting all this to change. It never does...I'm giving up.

I love creating art, it's in my blood. I love creating Pen & Ink Caricatures (both people and airplanes). I've been creating caricatures as far back as I can remember and I still have a passion for it. However, I loath creating web comics. I look back at the Pen and Ink Caricatures I've created and I'm amazed and fascinated by them, I look back at my web comics and that passion is I'm moving forward. Whatever time I have left on this earth will be spent doing what I love.

This decision was inspired by a movie I watched this weekend on Netflix titled, "Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond.  It's a fascinating documentary about the making of the 1999 film, Man on The Moon and how Jim Carrey adopted the persona of Andy Kaufman on the set of the movie. Besides the fact of how fascinating the documentary was, what motivated my decision to give up on my web comic, was a quote in the film by Jim Carrey. It was in reference to a decision his father had made earlier in his life and the results of that decision...

"...I learned that you can fail at what you don't love, so you might as well do what you love"


Now I can move forward. Thanks Jim.

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Well, I did it...I’ve opened a Patreon account. What is Patreon? If you don’t know, please click on the following link and Patreon will explain it to you,

At first I was hesitant. However, Patreon represents an opportunity for an artist (such as myself) to earn a sustainable income with their art, through the patronage of supporters of the arts. Although, patronage of arts is nothing new, Patreon is a platform in which artists and supporters of the arts come together to achieve a common goal of the creation of art.

It is difficult for most artists to earn a sustainable income, from their art. When I first started drawing, my dream job was to have a comic strip in the newspaper (a la, Peanuts, The Far Side, Calvin and Hobbes…). One would achieve this goal by selling your strip to a syndicate and they would in turn, sell your strip to newspapers across the country, in turn, Cartoonist’s would receive income from those sales. Alas, due to newspapers heading the way of the dinosaurs, so has the potential for a Cartoonist trying to break into that industry.

So instead of being an old man bitching and moaning about how tough things are for an artist (Why, back in the good old days!!!), I decided to do something about it. I joined Patreon. Now I am offering a way for people who enjoy my Caricatures and Webcomics to support the creation of them, for as little as $1.00 a month. For that small amount, you will have access to “Patreon Only” content, including.  

  • Start to Finish Caricatures - This is where you’ll see how my caricatures are created, step by step.
  • Advanced Previews of my latest drawings and webcomics, prior to being published on my other websites.
  • Patreon Only, Photographs and Videos from Michael Hopkins Caricatures, Special Events.
  • Michael’s Time Machine - This is where I'll post "historic" drawings from my Triassic Period (when there were dial phones, cursive writing and six channels on the TV).

Should you decide to subscribe to a higher amount than, $1.00 per month, you will be eligible to more rewards from me including, monthly contests for free drawings, postcards, paraphernalia from my webcomics, discounts on my services and original art.

So please check out my Patreon account by clicking on the link below and hopefully you’ll consider subscribing.

Thank you,

Michael Hopkins