Monday, June 15, 2020

Hey, Its Good to Be Back Home Again...

Hello Earthlings!

Sorry about the lack of blogging for the last month, but this world was starting to stress me out. So I decided to leave the planet for a while. However, there was one problem...I left all personal electronic devices at home, so I couldn't write in the blog and I apologize for that...

The trip was a nice and relaxing trip though and I had plenty of time to clear my mind (don't we all need to do that?) and to draw. I created some cool artwork (I'll share with you) and made some updated plans to my long term agenda (its actually relatively short term now - I'll elaborate more, when its safe to do so).'s some new stuff

So when I got back from my journey, it seems like the Event Caricatures are starting to slowly come back. I've had a couple of inquires for my services and one booking for July. So were gonna keep our fingers crossed and hopefully this will get back to pre-covid levels. By they way, if your interested in booking Michael Hopkins Event Caricatures, just contact me at In case you're not familiar with my Event Caricatuires, here's a few examples below

I recently revamped my Patreon account. I'll be posting Patreon Exclusive stuff over there, relative to my art, my photography and my life. I'm even thinking about creating a Patreon Exclusive, new web-comic...we shall see? Either way, I'm going to spread my wings over there and try some new and different things which I'll share with my members. 

Patreon is an inexpensive way to support artists and the arts. So if you're interested in supporting this artist and taking this new adventure with me, check out the link below.

The membership fees are actually pretty minimal ($5, $10 and $25 a month) and I'm going to give you stuff for supporting me! So it's a win-win-win, situation!

Well, I gotta unpack the suitcase, so that's all for now!