Tuesday, December 12, 2017


By Michael Hopkins

This is my latest Pen & Ink Caricature. It's of the band, Muse (specifically, left to right, Dominic Howard, Chris Wolstenholme and Matt Bellamy). In my opinion, the greatest band to have ever walked the face of the earth. 
I used to think it was The Beatles or Queen, but this band blows me away on everyone one of their albums. I have yet to find a song on any Muse album that I don't like. I can't say that about any other band or performer. I am in awe of their music and talent. They're amazing.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Premonitions, Ebay and Classics!

It's $%&&^$# Monday...Actually today's not so bad, 'cause I'm actually working with the left half of the brain (or is it the right half??)...anyways, I'm being creative. Normally this time of the week I'm selling cancer, pouring drinks and "entertaining" the public in my own unique way (I'm an acquired taste). You see, I was suppose to be in Vegas this week, but due to a premonition, I didn't go. I'm not usually one to give into "premonitions", however since I was driving (and mostly though the Nevada desert), I figured I better follow this one. Since I didn't go to Vegas and I had already acquired three days off from the "cancer distribution center", I figured I'd get some art related work done...so here I am.


I'm currently offering three of my original Pen & Ink drawings on Ebay. I've has success with Ebay in the past, so I figured I'd give it another go. Below are the three drawing I'm selling on Ebay along with the links to them. Check them out and if you're interested or know someone who might be, pass it on. By the way, if you mention, Michael Hopkins Cartoons Blog, I'll give you free shipping!

Now that, that's out of the way...My brother stopped by last week....

Besides the nice visit, he dropped off some of my old drawings. There's quite a few of them, many of which, I didn't even recall drawing. However, once I did see them again, my recollection of them and the exact moment in my life when I created them, came flooding back into the memory banks. Most of the drawings are political/editorial cartoons. I created them during the 80's and 90's ..and I have to admit, they're pretty damn good (if I say so myself), they may have even inspired me to wade back into those Political/Editorial waters. Anyways...I'm going to post them from time to time, on my Patreon account. If you're interested (MORE SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION), for as little as $1.00 a month, you'll have access to these old...err...CLASSIC...Michael Hopkins drawings, as I post them. 

If you'd to support my Patreon account, check out the link below...

That's all for now...