Saturday, December 26, 2020

Heading for 2021

Long time no see Blogosphere…

I just realized it’s been almost two months since my last post. Geez! A lot has happened in these last two months and a lot hasn't happened. However, I’m still here and still reaching for my goal (i.e., financial independence through funny pictures).

With 2021 less than a week away, I like everyone else, has set a lofty expectation for next year. I didn't achieve what I had expected in 2020. Of course, SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) was no help at all. Personally, I never got it (at least from what I know), however the virus did its best to destroy large wedding gatherings, corporate events and conventions (which is a large part of my business). Thank goodness I have a back up gig, fueling airplanes. 

Not the type to be patient, I’m not going to wait around for the virus to go away. I'm going to take 2021 by the horns and succeed. Many plans are being formulated in my mind and on January 1st, The Michael Hopkins Caricatures Traveling Salvation Show is departing the station! Watch out world, here I come!

In the meantime, I’m going to share my recent artwork with you...enjoy!

Our Next President

Joe Biden

Created December 26th, 2020

Our current President
Donald Trump
Created December 20th, 2020

Jay Leno
Created December 29th, 2020

The Ladies of The Reno Blow Dry Bar
Created December 2nd 2020

A Commission piece, now in Oregon
Created November 29th, 2020

That's all for now, folks!


Friday, October 30, 2020


 Hello there!

It’s been a productive week at the Michael Hopkins’ Cartoon/Caricature Factory. I proved to myself, that given the time, I CAN be productive. The availability of time came from the fact that I had a week of vacation from the jet fuel. Although, I originally had other plans for my vacation, allergy season and surprise car issues, got in the way. It turned out to be a mixed blessing however, given the fact that I was so productive in the art department. Besides, I still plan on fulfilling the two original objectives of my vacation soon...more than likely during the weekends, So all’s well that ends well.

The first thing I want to show you is my second JP Patches (Gertrude) caricature.

For those of you who don’t know who JP Patches is I’ll let JP fill you in with the history of JP Patches. Follow the link below

JP Patches was an important part of my childhood and definitely an significant influence on my sense of humor, which of course is embedded in everything that I have created.

Anyways...I created a short montage (is that the correct word?) of my latest JP Patches drawing from beginning to end. 

The next drawing I’m going to show you is my tribute to Eddie Van Halen. Although I was never an aficionado of the group Van Halen, I was definitely in awe of Eddie Van Halen’s talent and the world was a better place because he shared his gift with all of us. Rest in peace, Eddie.

My next creation is another drawing that came to me in my sleep. Something told me to draw a caricature of Jackie Gleason as Sheriff Buford T. Justice. Besides his portrayal as Minnesota Fats in The Hustler (1961) his performance as Sheriff Buford T Justice in, Smokey and the Bandit was my favorite.+

So that’s it for now. Since I’m back at the drawing board I’m going to try and produce more work, we'll see how that goes….

Saturday, October 17, 2020


 Good morning world. It's 4am. One fueled and several to go. Sometimes is a pain in the ass to start work at 3am, however it does have it's advantages...most noticeable, getting off at 11:30am. Disadvantages? Starting work at 3am! Ha! Sometimes I think I'm too old for this sh*t, but I do love this job. Sometimes I think my mind tries to talk me into not liking it, but the heart wins over the convoluted brain and I press on...besides, what am I going to do? Draw??? Oh, yea…

What you see above, is an opening paragraph of a blog, uncompleted. It’s from a few days ago at work (as it states it was about 4am). Anyways, I liked it so I didn’t delete it and here it is. I actually took a picture to go along with the incomplete blog (see below).

The blog, the webcomics and even the caricatures are suffering because of the hours I work. Once you get home after waking up at 2:00am, one doesn't feel like doing much else, let along creating. But create, I must.. because I probably can't fuel airplanes forever (no matter how much I like it). I hit these roadblocks to being a successful artist every so often. This is the reason you haven't seen a new blog, caricature, webcomic or caricature in a while. So it’s time to quit whining and start producing art again. 

Here it goes...

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Airplane Pictures!

This blog stuff is difficult to figure out. An example...I decide to update my blog every Sunday and my readership stats declines, I don't update on Sunday and my readership stats increase???

I do believe I need to update on a more regular basis, however,  I'm not sure if, Sunday updates, were the answer. So here's a updated blog on Wednesday...take that! 

Nothing much new and exciting my world (either as a Cartoonist or a Aviation Fueler). Actually, I'm not sure whether my blog readers are interested in my life as a Aviation Fueler? Personally I love the job! It keeps me involved in aviation, which in turn, inspires me. Also, it grants me access to some fantastic photo opportunities (which is one of my other interests). I wouldn't have had this opportunity, if it wasn't for the fact that I work at the airport. So today, I'll share of my favorite photos I've taken, while working at the airport.

Below is my latest.It's a beautiful sunrise a couple of days ago, taken right after a early morning thunder and lightening storm.

My next picture caught my eye, because of the clouds. It's looking the same easterly 
direction as the previous picture.

This next picture is of a American Airlines Airbus A-319, taken  over the wing of 
Skywest/United Airlines CRJ-200

Another sunrise..over the fuselage of another CRJ-200

The Antonov 124

The Spirit A320neo

I have hundreds, if not, thousands of airport pictures. If you're interested, I'll share more in the future.

See ya soon!


Sunday, August 16, 2020

My Ode to Elvis Presley on the 43rd Anniversary of his Death

On this day in 1977, Elvis Presley passed away. 

I remember the exact moment when I heard the news. I was 15 years old at the time. It was a warm Tuesday afternoon and I was sitting in the front passenger seat of my former brother in law’s, Datsun B-210 (ugly orange). 

We were heading to Lake Washington Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park in Renton, Washington (my hometown) for some swimming. My brother in law was driving and someone was in the back seat (I don't remember who...maybe my brother, Roger??). They interrupted the radio station’s regular broadcast with news. For me, the music world would never be the same.

Besides being devastated by the news of his death, the one thing I kept thinking (and I still do, to this day) is, if I could somehow go back in time, I would go back to Memphis Tennessee, prior to his death and try to somehow warn him, so he wouldn't die. Of course, there’s no way I could have done that.  With what we know today, his tragic downward spiral started long before his death. Yet, if there was a way to go back in time, I would head to Memphis prior to his death and try.

My earliest memory of Elvis was his 1973, “Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite Concert”.

 I watched it with my mom and I distinctly remember my dad making a point of his dislike for Elvis (he was a Hank Snow fan), my mother and I watched the concert anyway. I was 11 years old. From that day forward, I was hooked. So while I only had a few short years to immerse myself in Elvis prior to his death, he made a major impact on a quirky 11 year old. 

My favorite Elvis album was 1977’s Elvis in Concert. 

It was recorded during his final concerts. Again, I watched that CBS concert with my mother. 

Earlier this year I purchased the 2016 Elvis album, “Way Down in the Jungle Room”. 

It was recorded prior to his death in 1976. It’s a magnificent album and would probably be my favorite album, if it wasn't for, “Elvis in Concert (it has the sentimental edge - probably from watching the original broadcast with my mom).

Although most Elvis fans give lists of their favorite Elvis songs,  following are my Top 5 Elvis Presley performances, because he was all about the performance. 

Number 5 - Hurt. Although he sang this song at several of his concerts, his final performance still blows me away. Listen to his magnificent voice. He throws everything he had into this performance and it proves that he was the best ever, even at the end.

Number 4 - Trying to Get to You. I just love this song. This was taken from his, ‘68 Comeback Special.

Number 3 - Polk Salad Anne. - From Las Vegas (my second home) in 1970.

Number 2 - Blue Hawaii. The bellow clip is an outtake from  his 1973, “Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite Concert. From what I’ve read he performed this after the concert was over.

Number 1 - Unchained Melody. From one of his final performances, prior to his death. Unbelievable! 

By the way, have I ever mentioned that I impersonated Elvis for a Charles A. Lindbergh High School, talent show in 1979? Yep! There are pictures out there somewhere that prove it and if I get a hold of them, I’ll post them here!


Michael has left the building...

Sunday, August 9, 2020

A Man's Gotta Know His Limitations

 Hello Blogosphere!

It’s Sunday, it must be time for another blog!

Another productive week for the world of, The Michael Hopkins Cartoons Blog. I completed two caricatures (one aviation caricature and one regular caricature). OK, maybe not "productive" in the sense that I accomplished a lot. However, "productive" in the sense that I completed two very good caricatures. 

My first Caricature is of Alice Cooper. I’ve been trying to capture Alice Cooper for a very long time and I finally succeeded!

My second caricature is that of a Boeing 777X. This drawing was inspired by watching aviation videos on YouTube. 

I'm still having a difficult time getting the ball rolling on my webcomic, Missed Approach. I don’t know what it is, however at this point in time, I’m not getting any enjoyment from that webcomic. As such, if I’m not getting any enjoyment from it, I fear you may not be either. I believe the problem is the format (i.e., it’s a “strip”). Drawing a strip takes an enormous amount of time and energy. After 8 hours of fueling airlines (my secret identity job) and taking care of other things in my life, I'm left with about 4 hours a night to draw. Out of that four hours, I need to find time for all aspects of my art, including,

  • The Michael Hopkins Cartoons Blog.

  • Michael Hopkins Aviation Caricatures

  • Michael Hopkins Original Pen & Ink Caricatures

  • Michael Hopkins Event Caricatures

Included in all of the above aspects of my art. I have to find time to market, post and update each individual website that corresponds to each of those aspects of my art. So what I’m trying to do at the moment is scheduling each aspect of my art with a specific day (i.e., Monday draw and aviation Caricature. Tuesday draw and Pen & Ink Caricature...and so on…). Therein lies the problem. Creating a work of art takes inspiration, and inspiration doesn't always follow a schedule. You can't say, “on Tuesday I’m going to come up with Aviation Caricature!”. Inspiration doesn't follow a schedule, it’s random and you never know when it’s going to happen. I admire people like Charles Schulz (Peanuts) and Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes) who for years had to schedule inspiration to a timeline and somehow pulled it off with amazing results!

Although I’ve faced this cold reality before, maybe a webcomic isn’t for me.

As Dirty Harry once said...

Sunday, August 2, 2020

How About, Sunday Updates?


I just had a thought. Instead of trying (and not succeeding) to update this blog on a (more or less) daily basis, I’m going to update every Sunday. For me it’s a mellow day of the week (especially in the morning) and a good time to reflect on the past week and make plans for the upcoming week. So I’ll start doing that, and if the demand is there in the future for more updates, we’ll consider expanding. However for now, tune in to the blog on Sunday’s and I'll keep you updated on what's going on in the world of iamscribbles. 

In reference to the art, this past week was a very productive week. I restarted my web comic, Missed Approach, completed a couple of new caricatures and made some positive strides on my Fine Art America account. Also, although I haven’t sold anything on Ebay, I’m getting a lot of views of my work.

On the negative side of things, I’m still gathering no interest in my Patreon page. I’m not panicking about that, I really think I need to create more interest in my work, before I’ll find anyone that wants to support my page. How can I create more interest? Right now that's the million dollar question. 

Although I’ve been avoiding it, I believe the key to marketing my art is through YouTube. Although I have a Youtube page, I’ve been reluctant to put much effort into it. I think the reason is, like many of us, I’m very self-conscious. Previously, when I have made a video, I overly critique myself (i.e., I don't think I look good on camera..I don't like the way I pronunciate...nothing in my life is that interesting.). However, then I’ll watch YouTube and think, I look better than those people...I pronunciate better that they do...My life is more interesting than theirs! So I’ve come to the conclusion, that maybe I’m just using the excuse of being self-conscious as an excuse to be lazy. I’m not looking at YouTube as a way to get wealthy, I want to use YouTube channel as a way to market my art. So look for that in the future. By the way, here’s the link to my YouTube channel

Enough of my babbling, let's get to the new art.

First, below are the new, Missed Approach Episodes -6 “YouTube Star” (yes, it's amazing how my life coincides with my webcomics...

Missed Approach - by Michael Hopkins

Next my most recent two caricatures. The first one is of Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute from the television show, The Office. 

Finally, the next caricature is of an Instagramer I follow, Nicole Dodson (not sure if that's her real name?). What I find fascinating about Nicole (besides that fact that she is beautiful ) is the way she speaks her mind without regard for what the current politically correct opinion might be (and although I don’t always agree with her), in that regard, I’d like to emulate Nicole.

Well, I guess that's enough for now. I'll talk to you next Sunday!



Sunday, July 19, 2020


Update! Ive added watercolor to Isabella. Although I didn't like it at first, the result have grown on me...besides, I wouldn't want to piss her off.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Isabella Anatolia Manatova

Greetings! Today I want to share with you my latest creation, Isabella Anatolia Manatova.

 Isabella Anatolia Manatova by Michael Hopkins

I created Isabella on a 16” x 7 ¾” Canson art board in pen & Ink with a slight wash. I’ve never created anything like Isabella before. Although you can tell that it’s my work (style) it is also quite different from my other pieces of art...however, I am very pleased with the result. I honestly don't know where the inspiration for this drawing came from. I woke up this morning and she was on my mind, so I immediately put her onto paper.  

Over the years I have had all sorts or ideas for creations, however most of them, I failed to act upon. The reason was usually because I didn't think the people who enjoyed the type of art I produced at the time, would appreciate or understand, new/different directions. As such, I let these ideas go and never put them on paper. I’m now at a phase in my career, where I'm drawing for myself (except of course, when I’m drawing caricatures at a gig or a commissioned piece). However, when I create new original pieces of art now, I don’t worry about what other people might think. This has made Michael a much happier person and I think the results speak for themselves. Below are a couple more examples of work that I have created recently, that the younger Michael would have tossed aside.


Bellolesya by Michael Hopkins


Abraham Lincoln

This is also  partially the reason for the recent flood of aviation art I have created recently. I’m really fascinated by aviation and flight. When I was very young some of my earliest drawings we’re aviation caricatures and I’m proud to say that it continues now. This is also the reason I fuel airliners during the weekdays, I love being around airplanes. Even if my art suddenly made millions, I would continue fueling aircraft . It inspires me and makes me happy. Isn’t that what life is all about?

See ya next time!


Sunday, July 12, 2020

Introducing, My Patreon

Hello Blogosphere!
The weekend's almost over. How is everybody feeling? 
I had a hurumph of a day yesterday. Car issues and more...and to top it all off, I wasn't feeling well. In fact, I couldn't stay awake a majority of the day. However, tomorrow's begins a new week and I’m feeling pretty damn good. So, bring it on world, I’m ready for ya!
In regards to the cartooning, my current focus is launching The Michael Hopkins Cartoons Patreon Page. For those of you who don't know what Patreon is, here’s an explanation…
Patreon is a membership platform that provides business tools for creators (i.e., your favorite cartoonist!) to run a subscription content service. It allows creators and artists to earn a monthly income by providing exclusive rewards and perks to their subscribers, or "patrons"

Basically put, its a way for artists to make a living from their art, through patron's of the arts.
When considering a Patreon account, I felt I needed to give my subscribers some more than just a good feeling, about helping to support my art. After much thought,  I decided on the following benefits you receive for supporting my art…
$5.00 per month

  • Access to my patron-only content
  • My Eternal Gratitude
$10.00 per month
  • Access to patron-only content
  • My Eternal Gratitude
  • A signed Birthday Card from Michael on your birthday, including an original Michael Hopkins scribble! (You must be a patron of Michael Hopkins on your birthday). Of course, I’ll need to know your birthday!
 $25 per month
  • Access to patron-only content
  • My Eternal Gratitude
  • A signed Birthday Card from Michael on your birthday, including an original Michael Hopkins scribble! (You must be a patron of Michael Hopkins on your birthday). Of course, I’ll need to know your birthday!
  • One free “Event Caricature” of the person of your choice. The caricature will be sent to you via email, so make sure you include an email address!
So the next obvious question is...What will I be able to see on your Patreon account Michael, that I can't find anywhere else on the internet? or What will be your Patreon exclusive content? 

Well, let me tell you…
Michael’s Scribbles - My sketchbook is coming with me every day! My patrons will be the only people who’ll see these daily scribbles - an in depth look, into the mind of Michael Hopkins
Monthly Michael Hopkins Cartoons T-shirt Giveaway - All of my Patrons names will be entered into a monthly contest to receive an exclusive Michael Hopkins Cartoons T-Shirt. Every month, one new t-shirt will be given to a lucky Michael Hopkins Cartoons, Patron!

A new weekly Michael Hopkins Vlog will premiere on my Patreon a week before it’s available on my YouTube account!
Above and beyond all of this, your patronage will help me have more time, to create new art and hopfully less time doing other things that distract me from creating (like punching a time clock)
So there you have it! Check out my Patreon page at the link below.

I will be launching the Michael’s Daily Scribbles tomorrow (Monday July 13th, 2020). Any questions, drop me a line!

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Let's take a trip to Lake Tahoe and draw some caricatures!

Because of COVID-19 it’s been a while since I’ve drawn my event caricatures. Although I felt no apprehension during the week leading up to the event, I have to admit, I didn’t sleep well the night before and had a few dreams about not being able to draw…would I still be able to draw?

I woke up to a beautiful July 4th morning. Although I had planned to make a stop at Mac’s and grab some 2 for $5.00 Sausage McMuffin & Egg sandwiches and coffee, on the way up to Tahoe, the bacon in the fridge called my name and instead of mac’s, I made my own breakfast. A penny saved is a penny earned, right?

I headed down to the Batcave at 8:30am. With the windows rolled down in the Batmobile, I turned on Batphone to Art Bell’s Dark Matter broadcast.. “Atomic battery to power, turbines to speed”  Check and check...Let's roll!

What a magnificent drive it was! The batmobile performed well (as expected) and I think it enjoyed the drive as much as I did. When you’re driving from Reno to Tahoe, your world changes as you drive up US50 from Carson City. You go from a desert world of stripmalls and pavement to an oasis in about 12 miles. 

Lake Tahoe is probably my favorite place in the world. My old favorite, Mt Rainier National Park is a close second. My third is Las Vegas...nobody understands this and I feel no need to explain. My fourth is the Pacific Ocean (any location on the Pacific coast). My fifth favorite use to be Seattle, but now since it appears to be on life support, Virginia City, moves up the list. 

I arrived at the Tahoe Beach and Ski Club at 10am. The staff at Tahoe Beach and Ski Resort are some of the nicest, most accommodating people I’ve ever met. Especially Meagan and Riley! Those two were awesome! They had my canopy set up when I arrived and both were very accomodating concerning my requests. They started my day off right and it only got better from there. The guests were great, the pictures turned out well and it turned out to be a great comeback for my event caricatures! 

Here’s to things only getting better from here!