Sunday, November 23, 2014

Live From the Red Carpet!

Izzy who? D.J. what? The music world has officially passed me by. In fact, I feel sorry for Katy Perry (due to the fact that I know who she is). That fact alone should be the first sign for a contemporary entertainer that the Billboard Charts are leaving them in the dust and local Indian casino shows are in their future. Although it’s sad that I’m even watching, E, thank goodness I am. You see, as of this writing, those underfed, Live From the Red Carpet, hosts are trying and convince me that Fergie is still relevant (I honestly thought she was doing infomercials for Time Life’s Greatest Hits of 2000’s…were there any??). Alas, good luck Fergie. I hope your new album is more successful than your only Superbowl appearance. All of my unrequested musical critique aside, she is at least (from my viewpoint) the hottest woman at the American Music Awards (err…well, that should probably give her concern as well)…oh, wait a minute, look…there’s goes Kacey Musgraves!!!