Saturday, January 15, 2022

It Continues

I think my biggest flaw is that I’m easily distracted (usually by a beautiful woman). However, I don't think that is going to change, so I need to work my distractions into the daily rotation of my life. That may sound callous (especially when it comes to including a relationship into one’s daily rotation), however I think it's necessary in order to achieve one's objective. As such, I have decided to set daily goals in my life to achieve my objective of being a self-sustaining independent artist, by the date I have chosen to jump out of this airplane without the full time job parachute. I’ll either fly or I’ll crash and burn.. 

I have also always believed that you need a strong body and strong mind to achieve one's objectives and thanks to my son’s relentless encouragement , I have taken my first “baby steps” to a goal of a healthier me.

Of course, believing in a theory  and actually practicing that theory is wherein lies the conundrum. So I have decided to get some help on the topic and some research. I've turned to the books of the author, H.E. Davey (yes, reading will also be a daily objective). His writings seem to coincide with my thoughts, so I've ordered a book of his and will share my thoughts of that book in a future blog.

The innate harmony that exists between mind and body is one of the secrets behind the amazing power of Shin-shin-toitsu-do, which is weakened by an inefficient use of the body. Our bodies must be strong, relaxed, and healthy to respond to our minds' commands. - Author: H.E. Davey 

Thanks to Google, creating a daily planner with daily goals and daily reminders is impossibly easy and hard to ignore. However, actually completing those daily goals is wherein lies the challenge, This is a  challenge I have accepted because the consequences of not achieving those daily goals and my objectives is, if not unhappiness, its continued comfortable numbness, which is my current state of mind and part of my motivation to take on this challenge.

There's just one more thing…

Besides my original drawings, I am now offering three different sizes of Giclee prints of my original drawings at The Michael Hopkins Caricatures Online Store. 
Following are the sizes and prices of my prints.

11”x 14” - $200.00
8.5” x 11” - $125.00
5”x7” - $50.00

If you’re interested, please visit The Michael Hopkins Caricatures Online Store.

Thanks for subscribing Karen, wherever you are...


Sunday, January 2, 2022

The Michael Hopkins Caricatures Aviation Roadshow Adventure

Happy New Year!

We're going to start off the year at the Michael Hopkins Cartoons Blog by focusing on a planned caricature/aviation adventure. This plan is really a natural occurrence given the aviation related journey, which is my life.

I love aviation and have loved aviation as far back as I can remember. Aviation is ingrained in my soul. Aviation raised me and fed our family. My earliest and fondest aviation memories include, my father and mother, grandfather and uncles working for The Boeing Company. My first active participation in aviation involved my brother and I taking a ride (sometime in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s) with my father in a Cessna 172, out of Renton Municipal Airport. 

It was a short scenic flight, but nonetheless it was an amazing flight. That flight's intro into the world of aviation continues thru today, with my current side gig as a pretty damn good, Aviation Fueler. Of course, there was much aviation indulgence (including as part of my art repertoire) in between that first flight and my current status as a Fueler. Included in this indulgence,  a brief flirtation with becoming an Air Traffic Controller (Yikes!), several air shows and museum visits  (the highlight of which was sitting with my oldest daughter on the cockpit of Howard Hughes Spruce Goose)
and one of my proudest moments being when some my art was featured the the opening of the Royal Dutch Air Force Aviation Museum opening of part of an exhibit for Martin Leeuwis' book, Good Landing

Of course I’ve seen the classics in person (besides, McCartney, Elton and Alice Cooper), two Presidential Air Force One’s, The Avro Vulcan, the previous mentioned Hughes H-4 Hercules (i.e., Spruce Goose) The Concorde SST, the first, 747, 727, and 707 (a.k.a. the Boeing 367-80) the YC-14 and so many others…However, I do have a “Bucket List”. Included in that list is to visit Elvis Presley's, private Convair 880 (the Lisa Marie) at Graceland. Also, I want to visit the National Museum of the USAF, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and visit where it all began in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Which brings me back to the plan for 2022 (drumroll please!) Introducing, The Michael Hopkins Caricatures Aviation Roadshow Adventure! The roadshow plan is to participate in as many Air Shows as possible and introduce my aviation art to the masses and promote Michael Hopkins Caricatures.

This idea began out of frustration and inability to bring greater attention to my art (than social media has provided). Although the attention I do receive from social is positive and appreciated, it's limited. My life long goal has always been, obtaining financial independence though my art. Wealth is not what I'm looking independence, happiness and the ability to create art without the constraints of having hold down a full time side gig as well, to pay the rent. As such, I need to find a way to reach a broader audience. Relatively speaking, for the most part I'm an unknown artist. This obscurity, makes the prior goal of financial independence, difficult to say the least. I need to find a way sharing my art with a broader audience. This need, combined with a love of aviation was the inception of The Michael Hopkins Caricatures Aviation Roadshow Adventure and now I need to change this plan into reality I hope to participate in as many Air Shows as possible to introduce my aviation art and promote Michael Hopkins Caricatures (and possibly draw some caricatures while traveling across the country). 

I still haven't figured out the logistics of this plan, however figuring out these logistics will be the focus of The Michael Hopkins Cartoons Blog for the foreseeable future. Once the logistics have been figured out, the focus of my blog will turn to The
Michael Hopkins Caricatures Aviation Roadshow Adventure (do you like the name??)! 

Besides this Blog, the plan is to utilize videos and photography to record my adventure (including highlights from every airshow I visit). 

Of course, like pretty much anything aviation related, this adventure will take some funds to get off the ground. As such, I'll be looking for funding and some sponsorships to get this roadshow on the road.

So the first step is finding some sponsorships in exchange for advertising (i.e., signage at my booth, on my vehicle (another need for this adventure) or even companies logos' on the caricature drawing paper (my ideas are endless and my openness to an advertisers suggestions, in exchange for sponsorship is unlimited).

Also if I can come up with some cool gifts for those who donate, I'm considering considering using my "Buy me a coffee" account as a platform for donations from those of you who who wish to participate in getting this roadshow on the road.

First things first, wake up tomorrow and get the roadshow on the road….



Friday, November 5, 2021

Pink Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

As most of you know, my "side-gig" is fueling aircraft at an airport (although looking at the lack of revenue from drawing lately, some would say that drawing is my side gig...anyways, that's another blog). The reason I bring this up is that I was informed of a tragedy that happened over the last few days. An employee from another company at the airport (that I interacted with occasionally) took her own life. 

Although I couldn't describe her as a friend, her presence was definitely a regular part of my day.

I can remember the first day I saw her, which is interesting because sometimes it's difficult remembering what happened yesterday. Anyways, she had a unique and special sense about her. A carefree, almost flower child type appearance, she would not be out of place in the 1960's. The first time I saw her, she was wearing pink heart shaped sunglasses. That made me smile. The last time I saw her was last week, nothing special, just work conversation. That would be the last time I spoke to her.

Hindsight being 20/20 (and hindered by the introvert that I am) I wish I had spoken to her more. Maybe became her friend? Maybe I could have given her hope...but we were just strangers, doing our jobs, trying to get though the day.

I hope she finds the peace that she couldn't find in this life.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

100 Blogs

100 blogs, 60 years...not a good, Blogs Per Year Batting Average (.167), unless of course, you consider the fact that I've only been writing this blog since this brings the blog's average up a bit.

My goal was to write 100 blogs and I have now accomplished that. The initial intention behind my blog was to increase awareness of my drawings (which I believe I've succeeded). However, after reaching 100 blogs, I've realized it's become more than a marketing tool for my art, it has become a platform for my thoughts, my experiences, my feelings (which I'll never admit to having any of those inconvenient things), my "incoherent ramblings"...and maybe a bit of therapy?? Anyways, I'm very happy with what has transpired through my blog. 

Having said that...if there's one thing that I'd change, it's the fact that I'd like to be more transparent. Unfortunately people are very sensitive these days and when criticized in an objective manner (as I occasionally try to do), that is contrary to their own, over-inflated, unsubstantiated, personal opinion of themselves. These certain unnamed persons, might be offended by this blogger's opinion and might make work at the Daily Planet a bit more unbearable, under the current regime. As such, until that point in time at which I walk out the door at The Daily Planet and say goodbye to our Caucasian Little Richard receptionist, for the last time...

Our Receptionist

...I will have to continue to be careful with my words or risk offending these sensitive and delicate dandies.

The Daily Planets New Operations Team

Things are constant flux at the daily Planet and have been ever since the previous Operations Manager of Safety Practices (I'll bet you never thought we would need one of those at a newspaper!), high tailed it for parts unknown (rumor has it that he's opened his own showroom in Branson, Missouri). A constant flux indeed and that's not a good kind of constant flux. It would more appropriately called a constant flux of unraveling. With the peak newspaper season just around the corner, we're down to one printing press (out of three) and the one that is in operating order (that's a very loose interpretation of "operating order"), is questionable. Lets hope that Willie has a few magical tricks up his sleeve. In fact, if Hans Christian Andersen were alive today (and working at The Daily Planet) he's be inspired to write the sequel to, The Emperor's New Clothes. 

Anyways, maybe I'll get lucky soon and not have to worry about the future of The Daily Planet (Blogger gets off soapbox) 

Now that I'm off my soapbox, let's the back to the real world...DRAWING!!!
Michael Hopkins Caricatures is now in the apparel business (sort of...). Some of my caricatures are now available on clothing through Teespring!

Visit my store via the following link...

If you have suggestions on which of my caricatures you'd like to see on some apparel, let me know!

So there ya go, 100 Michael Hopkins Cartoons Blogs! Will there be a number 101 blog? Definitely, but probably not in its current manifestation, as I think it's time to shake things up a bit…

Stay tuned

Saturday, August 14, 2021

They can't see it or can they?

 No disrespect to those saddened by the (not so recent) loss of their parents, however do these people really think that their deceased mother or father are sitting around in heaven reading Facebook??? “Oh look honey...our daughter misses us, she just posted it on Facebook!” 

I think Facebook is,  I need attention central, or maybe cheap therapy? 

I can't figure it out?? Why else would someone post their innermost feelings on a social media site? Even meaningless stuff like the food you prepared last night. Besides the fact that I don't care what you made for dinner last night (unless of course, you’re one of my children who made some deliciously, spectacularly, scrumptiously prepared dessert). 

Is somebody needing attention?

Of course, you could say the same thing about me posting my drawings on social media, however you’d be wrong, I consider posting my drawings as marketing of my art. Trust me, I don’t need or want attention. I need attention for my drawings. As for me personally, I am not unlike the great and powerful Oz...Look at my drawings Dorothy, don't look at the guy behind the curtains drawing them.

By the way, is there a heaven? Personally, I have my doubts. I think the Buddhist's may be correct. The thought of our souls being reborn into another body after death seems logical to me. I may prove this theory one day. This thought process, of course, changes my original thought process. So maybe your parents are sitting around reading Facebook? However, since they have been reborn into another body, they STILL wouldn’t recognize the fact that you are missing them. 

Still pointless and in need of attention.

So spread the love while you're here. For one day you may be reading meaningless Facebook posts and looking at goofy caricatures.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

I've entered a contest!

Ahoy, Ahoy!

So, the website where I'm currently selling my prints and other assorted Michael Hopkins Caricatures paraphernalia (Fine Art America - the link in on the right side of my page) is sponsoring a billboard contest (in which I have entered). The winners of the contest, get their art featured on a Fine Art America billboard (which would be really cool!) and a great marketing tool. So if you don't mind, would you click on the links below and vote for my submissions? 

Thanks, Michael!

Vote for my Kurt Cobain caricature below

Vote for my XB-70 caricature below

Vote for my Prince below

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Carpe Diem!

I am sorry to report my friends, that the Daily Planet is on life fact, if it had a pulse, one would have a tough time finding it. So let's save some time and start the future obituary, today.


Today I lost two years of my life, I will never get back. ‘

I’m resigned to resign my position as "a mild mannered reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper", due to its pending demise around me. The cause of said demise? Although it will be written in the journals of future deceivers as covid (to exaggerate the body count) the true cause of death is indifference (nobody cared) the saddest of non-carers is those who had the power to change the course of history. Instead, these power brokers chose to protect their comfort zone and take the path of least resistance. Effectively signing the Daily Planet's death sentence.

Which brings me to the future and I am the only one that controls that future. Since I have already established the fact that I can foresee the future, this should be (if not easy) at the very least, attainable. I have come to that fork in the road (again). I can sit around on my ass or I can, seize the day! 

The future is mine, the past is gone. 44 days and counting...