Monday, May 14, 2018

Control of My Destiny

Greetings! So last week at this time I was in Las Vegas, going through a metamorphosis of sorts. As dusk was approaching over the strip, I  realized, how good life can be.. Having just returned to our room at Mandalay Bay, after having a quick bite at the, New York, New York’s, Sirrico’s Pizza (I highly recommend the deep dish mushroom pizza) I sat in our room realizing just how happy I was. Looking over the strip at sunset, I wondered to myself, why am I not this happy all of the time?

The answer was simple, for eight hours a day, I am not solely focused on achieving my success and happiness. For those eight hours of each day (5 days a week) I am committed to achieving another person’s goals and success. So, you’re probably thinking, Hey stupid, that’s called employment!! I realize this and I'm OK with it (and I really do like my employer and “enjoy” most aspects of my job) but to achieve complete happiness I need to be in complete control of my life.

The problem with working for someone else is that they decide and regulate your happiness. An example; To achieve this brief period of happiness in Las Vegas, I had to put in succumbed to other’s demands, orders and decisions for for a extended period of time and then ask for permission for this “very brief ” period of happiness. The simple fact is, I am not in complete control of my life.

So I’m going to fix it. How do I do this? The plan is to focus every minute of my time (in which I am control of my life), to eliminate those eight hours when I’m not in control of my life.

  1. For 8.5 hours a day, I’m going to ensure my future success, by ensuring my employers current success.This way, until I am no longer working for my current employer, I am going to make as much income as I can, (from my current employer) to pay off as much of my debt as possible and try to be as close to debt free, when I’m finally working for myself.

  1. Spend 15.5 hours a day focused on my art ( i.e., draw, draw again, think about drawing, dream about drawing, write about drawing, draw some more, draw again, go to Las Vegas and think about drawing, come home and draw, draw some more……).

That’s 24 hours and that’s all I’ve got to achieve this goal...or is it? Hmmm? May I can find a way to use the, space time continuum, to find some more ??