Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Day Number 20,453


Tomorrow is number 56! Let's get back to The Michael Hopkins Cartoons Blog

I’m in Las Vegas to celebrate my 20,454th day on earth...coincidentally, the day I was born (September 7th, 1961) and tomorrow, (September 7th, 2017) are both Thursdays (pretty cosmic, eh??). As Las Vegas being one of favorite cities (along with Los Angeles, Seattle and Ocean Shores, Washington), I’m here, to start my 56th year. By the way, it’s too damn hot. Current temperature 101 degrees Fahrenheit.

I was going to start a “Vlog”on my birthday, however, I decided that there’s too many damn Vloggers out there already (that’s my “old man” talk). So instead, I decided to rededicate myself to the Michael Hopkins Cartoons Blog and dedicate it to those who still like to read (and look at pictures...which, by the way, I’ll be posting from my birthday in the coming days). Besides, I don’t want to be one of those "Vloggers" who walk around with a camera in their face. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (in fact, I follow several of them), it’s just not me. However, I may post a video, once in awhile...but officially I’m a Blogger dammit! (Bloggers = Good, Vloggers…Bad). Potato, potahto, tomato, tomahto... 

So how do I feel about 56? Pretty, pretty good. Looking back, I would have to say, the greatest joy of the previous 55 years of my life, are my children. I have been blessed. They’re all accomplished, well rounded and independent individuals. I couldn’t have asked for more and I love each of them. So the first toast (of year 56) is to, Kristina, Darrel, Becky, Jennifer, Anthony and Savanah. I love you all and I couldn’t be more proud of each one of you.

However, looking toward the future, there are things in my life that I need to work on. I guess I will call these, My 56th Year Resolutions”.

  • #1 - Rededicate myself to my Art. Although I’ve created a lot of art and I’m proud of what I’ve created, I see myself as a bit lazy, when it comes to drawing. I’m going to fix that. You’re going see a rebirth of one of my web-comics ( and a lot more caricatures.

  • #2 - My health. I’ve let myself go a bit and as I've gotten older and I’m feeling it. I’m gonna fix this (I’ll keep you updated).

  • #3 - Wanderlust. I remember before my mother passed away, we had a discussion about how many times I have moved over the years and I remember exactly what she said to me...she said, “Michael, you need to settle down”. She was right and she’s still right. God only knows how many times I have moved in my life. At least four states, a dozen cities (??) and countless moves...I’ve had enough. As such, the next move is "hopefully" going to be the last...

So there you have it. My final blog as a 55 year old. I’m looking forward to 56!