Saturday, November 16, 2019

A New Focus


This has been a slow month for the Event Caricatures (although December is busy again), so I have been focusing on a couple of other things this month. First off, I have returned to ebay, as an outlet for selling my original art. Along with Fine Art America(where you can also order prints of my work), you can now purchase my original art on eBay. So far the feedback from eBay has been good and at the very least, my drawings are being viewed by people who have never seen my work before. Below are the drawings that I have for sale on eBay. Just click on the drawing to access it on eBay.


 David Letterman Lindsay Lohan

 Boeing 787



I also have been dipping my toe into photography.  Basically right now, I’m educating myself on the technical aspects of photography. I’m doing this because I’m fascinated with the art of photography. Being an artist, I believe that I naturally have the eye for photographing things that I find are beautiful. I’m not looking at photography as an outlet for gaining income (although if that happens I won't be displeased) I’m looking at photography as an outlet to capture what fascinates me and what I find beautiful. It’s the same reason that I create art, it’ll just be doing through a different medium. What do I find beautiful? I find aviation beautiful, the female form, cityscapes and nature. So we’ll see what happens and of course, I share the results with you.

Below are some images I have taken with my Samsung. I consider these practice until have a stronger understanding of photography