Thursday, June 30, 2016


Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.


Im almost there.

Lately my life has been an increasingly wonderful experience and less of a struggle. By following my heart, I find happiness. Deviate from what I know is right...and life again, becomes a struggle.

As a testimony to this, in April I took a trip to Los Angeles. Financially speaking it probably wasn’t the best move, but something told me, I needed to go. I struggled during the drive because I started doubting the sensibility of the journey, although my heart knew I was doing the right thing. I think my son could tell, when I was struggling during the drive. I would become agitated at stupid stuff and probably wasn’t the most pleasant guy to be around (all apologies:). However, when we finally arrived at our destination, my life changed forever. I have never been happier. Although we had never been there before, I felt like I was home and at peace. My son even told me I was a different person, while I was there. A happier person. I had indeed found my happiness...and it only took me 54 years. Further proof of finding my happiness, was the work I created, when I returned...

Although I now know where my happiness is and the direction I need to take, I still struggle with deviation and staying on my path. Like Hank Jr. says, Old Habits are hard to break...

I was put on this earth to create my drawings, by doing so, I bring happiness to myself and hopefully I bring a smile to others.