Saturday, July 16, 2016

Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show

I hear this awesome song in my head when I'm drawing at events these days. This is a good thing, because I use to hear the Ringling Brother Barnum & Bailey Circus song.

Although I'm certainly not providing salvation, I am
providing smiles and happiness, which is bringing me happiness. WARNING: Lately, happiness, seems to be a reoccurring theme on this Blog.

This is also the first event where my son (@Stevey_Stu) and I, "live tweeted" (is that the correct term??), through my Twitter account, @iamscribbles. With his assistance (and some surprisingly, sharp humor on his part) it worked out very well. Hopefully, we can continue this at future events, with some additional ideas I have floating around upstairs.'s the pics

P.S. An added thanks to me ole' chum, Dan Shegrud, who introduced me to the music of Neal Diamond, back in the 70's.