Sunday, May 10, 2020

Funny Airplanes and a Muse

Happy Mothers Day everyone!

How’s your weekend going? It appears that we're starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel in regards to our collective virus crises around the world. I hope everyone is okay and we can pull out of this insanity soon. The most important thing I learned for this crisis is that I need to be more prepared for times like these in case it happens again. Lesson learned…

So on with the drawing!

If you look to the right you’ll see my latest creation, The Michael Hopkins Aviation Caricatures website! This website is dedicated to the selling of my Aviation Caricatures (obviously, right?), both prints and originals. I created this to cut out the middle-man (more aptly named the middle-corporation) in the process of getting my art out to the public. I found that going through third party websites adds costs to my prints and I have less control of the quality of the prints I'm selling. Through my site, I can offer prints (of my art) at a reasonable price and ensure the quality is intact. At the same time, I can also offer my original drawing, through the same website. Of course the originals are much more expensive (based on the value I have placed on them). However, now that I offer prints (at a fair price) more people can afford to own my work. So there ya go! Please check it out and let me know what you think.

WARNING PG13 DRAWING/INFO BELOW! (What?!?! On Mother's Day???)

Instagram is full of many things. I find it as a decent marketing tool for my art and a way to communicate with family and friends. Of course, as many of us know there are the IG “models”. These are women (and I guess some men?) who are fortunate enough to be blessed with a beautiful face and body (or really good Photoshop skills), use said attractions, to gain followers. What do they do with these followers that they gain? Well, for the most part, they offer their followers links to sites where (for a small fee) they can see their photos uncensored (NAKED!!). So I guess what we have here, is the Playboy Magazine of the modern era. Except in this incarnation (for the most part..I think??), these women get to keep the money they make (as it should be). 

Of course, I have encountered people who negatively judge these women for what they are doing. However, it is my belief not to judge others actions or choices (on or off Instagram) and for those of you who do judge their actions, a suggestion, open your bible to, The Gospel According to John, chapter 8 verses 3 - 7.

Given my love for the female form (and my love of women in general). I must confess, I do follow some of these Instagram accounts. One in particular that I am fond of is (WARNING!! LINK CONTAINS PARTIAL NUDITY!) @bellolesya. She is my definition of perfection. So much so, that she is the Muse behind my latest drawing. In fact, come to think of it, she probably is an actual Muse…

Other than Bellolesya, life's been consumed by aviation caricatures and fueling those aircraft...Not a bad life at all :)

See ya next time...