Sunday, October 9, 2016


There’s something to be said about playing it’s boring. Boredom makes me nauseous and encourages me to do stupid things, including...overeating, gambling and considering getting into a relationship...ugh! Any of which would lead me into becoming what I don't want to be, i.e., an overweight 50-something, who gambles too much to avoid spending time with a woman he doesn't love. Whom he got into a relationship if the first place with, with because he was….BORED.

It’s not that I don't want to fall in love again. I actually did almost two years ago. Unfortunately I didn’t realize it, until she was gone. I regret letting her go...and she told me I would.

Anyways...back to avoiding boredom.

January 1st life is changing drastically for me. I am in the currently preparing for this life change. Thankfully I believe in the philosophy, of “baby steps” (or maybe I believe in Bill Murray movies).

I’m currently getting rid of excess baggage, both literally and figuratively. Although I've already started taking a few steps in my journey, my next major step toward January 1st is a  454 mile journey in a 37 year old automobile. This journey is addressing many issues, including my proclivity to playing it safe.

Stayed tuned.

Hey! I almost forgot! It’s would have been John Lennon’s 76th birthday today! Happy birthday Mr. Lennon! In honor of his birthday my latest creation is of John. circa, approximately 1964.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Getting Rid of the Parachute

Happy Monday (not really, I seriously dislike Mondays).

If you didn't notice, I have now blogged for two days in a row. Thank you! 

Ya know, thinking about it... I suppose I could technically stop writing here and publish it and I still would have blogged for two days in a row. However since this is,"a place for my thoughts, observations, remembrances and general incoherent ramblings concerning the creative process behind my drawings and life in general"...I suppose I should give you some.

I use to see myself as Clark Kent-ish type figure, During the day, disguised as a mild mannered reporter (bartender) working for a great metropolitan newspaper (casino). Then on Friday, Saturday and Sunday turning into Supercartoonist!

Unfortunately, the line is getting blurred. Too many people at work (some customers and..well, lets say, "employees") know my secret identity. Although I use to think that I would have liked to keep my secret identity a secret (it would have allowed me to silently shrink into obscurity) Pandora's Box is now open and there's no going back (thanks Veronica) 

As such, soon it will be time to move out of Metropolis and take up full time residency in my, Fortress of Solitude.  My career is currently in the, Lets Make a Deal phase. There are several doors (paths) ahead of me and now I got to figure out which one to open. 

Hint...I'm not going to wear a parachute.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Time to Think

It's funny how inspiration works. After a rough week of trying to create a drawing, that didn't quite work out (the understatement of the century) something told me to take my girlfriend (her name's, Dat Sun and she's one sexy b*tch) for a drive today in search of said, inspiration.


Although I think I may have found it, the search revealed other things..

I'm learning the key to success is not taking breaks in the pursuit of it.

I don't know if it's laziness or lack of desperation, I tend to sit down and draw only when I'm in the mood. Bad mistake. I need to create daily, if I don't,'s like rolling a bowling ball up a hill. If you don't keep rolling that ball up the hill, as soon as you take a break, it's going to roll back down to the bottom of the hill and you're going to have to start from the beginning. Of course it could be lack of that case, I could quit the day job tomorrow and HELLO DESPERATION!

Maybe I should do a Vlog instead of a Blog?

I enjoyed making the little movie you see above. Would people enjoy my ramblings any more (or less) if they were on YouTube instead of Blogger? Maybe on both?? 

What am I doing to myself (after eating a 15 million calorie meal at Jack in the Box)???

If I do create a video blog, I need to change my lifestyle (i.e., lose weight and get into shape). I would freak out watching myself on video, in my current physical condition. I'm sure it wouldn't matter to most people (watching the videos) what kind of shape I'm in (and there are a lot of people in worst shape than I'm in) however it would matter to me.

Apparently giving oneself time to think, can be a life changing experience. Especially in an astonishingly awesome 1979 280zx.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show

I hear this awesome song in my head when I'm drawing at events these days. This is a good thing, because I use to hear the Ringling Brother Barnum & Bailey Circus song.

Although I'm certainly not providing salvation, I am
providing smiles and happiness, which is bringing me happiness. WARNING: Lately, happiness, seems to be a reoccurring theme on this Blog.

This is also the first event where my son (@Stevey_Stu) and I, "live tweeted" (is that the correct term??), through my Twitter account, @iamscribbles. With his assistance (and some surprisingly, sharp humor on his part) it worked out very well. Hopefully, we can continue this at future events, with some additional ideas I have floating around upstairs.'s the pics

P.S. An added thanks to me ole' chum, Dan Shegrud, who introduced me to the music of Neal Diamond, back in the 70's.

Thursday, June 30, 2016


Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.


Im almost there.

Lately my life has been an increasingly wonderful experience and less of a struggle. By following my heart, I find happiness. Deviate from what I know is right...and life again, becomes a struggle.

As a testimony to this, in April I took a trip to Los Angeles. Financially speaking it probably wasn’t the best move, but something told me, I needed to go. I struggled during the drive because I started doubting the sensibility of the journey, although my heart knew I was doing the right thing. I think my son could tell, when I was struggling during the drive. I would become agitated at stupid stuff and probably wasn’t the most pleasant guy to be around (all apologies:). However, when we finally arrived at our destination, my life changed forever. I have never been happier. Although we had never been there before, I felt like I was home and at peace. My son even told me I was a different person, while I was there. A happier person. I had indeed found my happiness...and it only took me 54 years. Further proof of finding my happiness, was the work I created, when I returned...

Although I now know where my happiness is and the direction I need to take, I still struggle with deviation and staying on my path. Like Hank Jr. says, Old Habits are hard to break...

I was put on this earth to create my drawings, by doing so, I bring happiness to myself and hopefully I bring a smile to others.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Inspiration Behind the Drawing - My Chemical Romance

Sometimes a drawing takes a long time to develop. The initial conception of my latest drawing, My Chemical Romance (MCR) originated on a road trip to Las Vegas in October of 2015. 

To be honest, I had never listened to MCR prior to that trip. I probably would not have, had it not been for Rule Number 4-A, in a set of rules I established regarding road trips. These rules were developed in order to inure sanity during, and at the end of these journeys. Although I could bore you with the entire list, my rules are not the subject of this incoherent rambling, as such, here are a few important highlights...

Rule #1 - Coffee
  • Rule #1-A - More coffee
  • Rule #1-B - Even more coffee 
Let's focus on my discovery of MCR, following is Rule #4

Rule #4 - Music. Music (or some sort of Radio Ga Ga) shall be played on the entire road trip.
  • Rule #4-A - Said music, should be alternated between the musical taste of all passengers in the vehicle.
Ah ha! This is it! This is the "Big Bang" of my latest drawing! Had it not been for Rule #4-A, my latest drawing would have never materialized and its all because of, Bitch Stevie (inside joke). You see, prior to this road trip, "my road mix", would include Paul McCartney, Alice Cooper, Johnny Cash and Queen, among others. However, thanks to Bitch Stevie my musical tastes and have expanded immensely and although I still enjoy the classics, I have discovered new musical awesomeness...

First off, here's the caricature and the picture I used to create the caricature...

Now, the first song that captured my attention and initially inspired the drawing. Great song! Wonderfully creepy video by this young lady, she was obviously inspired as well...

Another great song....

Anyways, until next time....Peace!