Sunday, October 9, 2016


There’s something to be said about playing it’s boring. Boredom makes me nauseous and encourages me to do stupid things, including...overeating, gambling and considering getting into a relationship...ugh! Any of which would lead me into becoming what I don't want to be, i.e., an overweight 50-something, who gambles too much to avoid spending time with a woman he doesn't love. Whom he got into a relationship if the first place with, with because he was….BORED.

It’s not that I don't want to fall in love again. I actually did almost two years ago. Unfortunately I didn’t realize it, until she was gone. I regret letting her go...and she told me I would.

Anyways...back to avoiding boredom.

January 1st life is changing drastically for me. I am in the currently preparing for this life change. Thankfully I believe in the philosophy, of “baby steps” (or maybe I believe in Bill Murray movies).

I’m currently getting rid of excess baggage, both literally and figuratively. Although I've already started taking a few steps in my journey, my next major step toward January 1st is a  454 mile journey in a 37 year old automobile. This journey is addressing many issues, including my proclivity to playing it safe.

Stayed tuned.

Hey! I almost forgot! It’s would have been John Lennon’s 76th birthday today! Happy birthday Mr. Lennon! In honor of his birthday my latest creation is of John. circa, approximately 1964.