Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Can't Sleep

12:14am. Cant sleep.

New Year, new me.

I need to pay more attention to my Art...so I shaved the goatee. That makes sense, right? Anyways, the thought behind shaving the face? What was I hiding? Facial hair is very common these days..and why? It’s high maintenance, irritating. Maybe it makes one feel more masculine? Maybe it's like a disguise? I don’t know...There’s really no benefit to facial hair. Unless of course, one’s in a very cold climate, say, Alaska? I'm not, so I shaved my face. I personally see it as a new beginning, which I needed. Moving on….

12:24am. Still cant sleep,,

I'm watching, Seinfeld, reruns. I like the show, but the bass music between every scene, is irritating...maybe I'm just tired. Favorite Seinfeld episode? I have two, The Merv Griffin Show and the episode, where George gets engaged.

12:30am. Still…

Yawning. That's a good sign.

My baby girl, just turned 36.

I need to draw more.

Building a wall is stupid. Wasn’t is Ronald Reagan (my favorite President) who said, …”tear down the wall”? Now Trumps got a, hard on, to build one. I hate politics.


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