Monday, September 19, 2016

Getting Rid of the Parachute

Happy Monday (not really, I seriously dislike Mondays).

If you didn't notice, I have now blogged for two days in a row. Thank you! 

Ya know, thinking about it... I suppose I could technically stop writing here and publish it and I still would have blogged for two days in a row. However since this is,"a place for my thoughts, observations, remembrances and general incoherent ramblings concerning the creative process behind my drawings and life in general"...I suppose I should give you some.

I use to see myself as Clark Kent-ish type figure, During the day, disguised as a mild mannered reporter (bartender) working for a great metropolitan newspaper (casino). Then on Friday, Saturday and Sunday turning into Supercartoonist!

Unfortunately, the line is getting blurred. Too many people at work (some customers and..well, lets say, "employees") know my secret identity. Although I use to think that I would have liked to keep my secret identity a secret (it would have allowed me to silently shrink into obscurity) Pandora's Box is now open and there's no going back (thanks Veronica) 

As such, soon it will be time to move out of Metropolis and take up full time residency in my, Fortress of Solitude.  My career is currently in the, Lets Make a Deal phase. There are several doors (paths) ahead of me and now I got to figure out which one to open. 

Hint...I'm not going to wear a parachute.

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