Sunday, September 18, 2016

Time to Think

It's funny how inspiration works. After a rough week of trying to create a drawing, that didn't quite work out (the understatement of the century) something told me to take my girlfriend (her name's, Dat Sun and she's one sexy b*tch) for a drive today in search of said, inspiration.


Although I think I may have found it, the search revealed other things..

I'm learning the key to success is not taking breaks in the pursuit of it.

I don't know if it's laziness or lack of desperation, I tend to sit down and draw only when I'm in the mood. Bad mistake. I need to create daily, if I don't,'s like rolling a bowling ball up a hill. If you don't keep rolling that ball up the hill, as soon as you take a break, it's going to roll back down to the bottom of the hill and you're going to have to start from the beginning. Of course it could be lack of that case, I could quit the day job tomorrow and HELLO DESPERATION!

Maybe I should do a Vlog instead of a Blog?

I enjoyed making the little movie you see above. Would people enjoy my ramblings any more (or less) if they were on YouTube instead of Blogger? Maybe on both?? 

What am I doing to myself (after eating a 15 million calorie meal at Jack in the Box)???

If I do create a video blog, I need to change my lifestyle (i.e., lose weight and get into shape). I would freak out watching myself on video, in my current physical condition. I'm sure it wouldn't matter to most people (watching the videos) what kind of shape I'm in (and there are a lot of people in worst shape than I'm in) however it would matter to me.

Apparently giving oneself time to think, can be a life changing experience. Especially in an astonishingly awesome 1979 280zx.

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