Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Blog is Back...Again.

Me: Hello visitors! I say, "visitors", because apparently this blog has no followers...Really??
Blogosphere God:: Yes, really.
Me: DOH!!! But I have a lot of visitors??
Blogosphere God: You need FOLLOWERS
Me: Well, I guess, if I had a link on my blog, where people could subscribe to my blog, maybe I’d have some followers??? (It’s a vicious circle).
Blogosphere God: Well, hopefully.....Don't quit you day job.
Me: TA-DA!  I have now solved that problem and quitting the day job (eventually)!

If you look to the right of this post,

you’ll see I've set up a link so that you can now easily subscribe to my blog. So if you like what you see, please follow me….Of course, if I continue to have no followers??? Well, we’ll file that under future concerns.

I'm back from Spring Vacation 2017, feeling well rested and ready to conquer the biosphere!! Of course, I went to my Mecca (Las Vegas) and Los Angeles (I love L.A.!). So grab some popcorn, let’s start the slideshow and I'll show you a few highlights of last weeks journey…

The highlight of the Vegas trip, was our nighttime flight over Vegas.

Given the fact that I combined my love of  flying with my love of Vegas...this experience was a “can't miss” and it wasn’t. It was so worth the $100 per ticket, that I’ll probably do it again in the future. The experience was 10 times as cool as it looks and it looks really cool! The experience was provided by Maverick Helicopters of Las Vegas Hell, just avoid the slot machines for an hour and you’ve paid for the helicopter flight. Besides you can always go gambling when you get back to the casino (LANCELOT SLOT MACHINE, YOU MAY HAVE ONE THIS ROUND...BUT WHEN I RETURN TO VEGAS, I WILL OWN YOU!!!!)

A few more highlights...

A room with a view!
Raiding the Rock Vault!
Hard Rock - Elton!
Hard Rock - Freddie Mercury

Hard Rock - Johnny Cash
Our visit to LA began at Universal Studios Hollywood. This theme park kicks the mouse's ass!! The highlight for me was everything, although my favorite was The Simpsons attraction. If you’re as big a fan of all things Simpsons, as I am, this is a MUST SEE!!! Besides the fact that you get to visit Springfield (don't forget to eat at Krusty Burger!!) the Simpsons ride is amazing!

Our second day in LA was in Simi Valley, at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Whether you we’re a admirer of the former President (and I definitely am) or not, the history contained in the library is amazing. Do yourself a favor and plan a visit on your next journey to Southern California.

And finally for this post...Do yourself a favor and visit my amazing daughter, Kristina’s, website and check out her stuff
I’ve added a permanent direct link to her site, under, “These are a few of my favorite things!”

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