Sunday, August 18, 2019

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

"Hello my friends! I just flew in from San Francisco, California and boy are my arms tired!"

I know...that joke is even older than me (believe it or not) and I’m no Henny Youngman (now I’ve really lost you).

For the sake of honesty and truth in "media"...I just drove back from San Francisco, California (actually Stow Lake @ Golden Gate Park) and boy is my bum tired! 

However, it was worth it!

I was invited to draw caricatures at the One Year Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser of Beyond Rescue! What an amazing organization! We met some really wonderful people and their loved ones! Please check out their website to find out more and support them in anyway you can! 

Also, thank you Corina Beczner of Vibrant Events We appreciate the opportunity!

Enjoy the pictures by Photographer Stevey  from the event below!!

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