Sunday, December 29, 2019

Goodbye 2019

Two days to go, until we say goodbye to 2019 forever! Good riddance! I’m looking forward to 2020 like no other year before. Many things happening in 2020, the Presidential election, the 2020 Winter Olympics and I get my Batmobile back (long story, I explain in the future)

Most importantly is the return of my critically acclaimed (well, slightly acclaimed by a few), webcomic, Missed Approach!

That’s right folks,Captain James P. Kurt, First Officer Dan Doodles and the entire crew are returning for 2020! Ready to be amazed at how far I cross the line with my irreverent humor and complete lack of respect for all of the overly sensitive issues of the day?? Then fasten those seatbelts and place your tray tables in their upright locked positions..and hang on! Missed Approach is back January 1st! 

Also, due to the return of Missed Approach, were kinda going to drop one resolution already...and that is daily Michael Hopkins Cartoons Blog entries. We’re going to replace that  with many new Missed Approach episodes. Unfortunately, due to the fact that also fuel airlines for 8 hours a day, that doesn't leave as much time in the day, for blogging, creating a webcomic and drawing caricatures (at home and on the road). So until I can afford to give up the day job, sacrifices need to be made. Unfortunately, the blog is going to take a backseat to the webcomic. I’ll still blog (and probably more than I did in 2019) , but we’re gonna place the emphasis on the webcomic. However, I’m sure you’ll enjoy both and I have many big plans for, Missed Approach!

Below is my latest caricatures. It’s my interpretation of one of my favorite Instagram people. Her Instagram name is @dazey_duck.

Besides being very easy on the eyes, she’s also a very talented Artist from my home city of Reno, Nevada. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and if you do, tell her @iamscribbles sent ya! 

Have a great rest of your night and pray for the Seattle Seahawks. The way they were looking tonight when I turned off the television, they're gonna need it.

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