Sunday, December 15, 2019

Life is Good

It's a peaceful Sunday night here here in the world of the Michael Hopkins Cartoons Blog...however...what a busy weekend it's been! Two events this weekend (as you can see in the last two previous posts) and two entirely different types of people to draw. Both groups were fun, however both were socially and economically different. One group was a local community outreach group, while the other group were employees of a recent start up, tech company. It's funny how two different types of employees can be so similar. Both groups had the a person that laughed entirely through the drawing process and thoroughly enjoyed the process (and the outcome). However, both groups also had that one subject that was not amused with my rendering of their caricature.

Which makes me wonder, how many people know exactly how closely I listen to every word they say while I'm drawing them? Their facial expressions (reaction) during the course of me drawing them, their words (or their silence) and their interaction with me and the people around them, during the process. 

Something I've also realized while drawing caricatures at these events is how much I appreciate women. I look into the eyes of these goddesses and realize how easily I could fall in love with each and every one of them. Women are the wonder of nature. Each woman has a specific aura around her. It doesn't matter what shape or size, I find beauty in all of them. I wonder if they realize how amazing I find them? I look into their eyes and try to read them and find their personality beneath. I then I look at their facial features, their lips, their smile and think, "I am indeed a fortunate man". Oh, and then there are the guys...n yea..I just have fun drawing the guys...ahh but the women! 

Life is good.

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