Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Opportunity Knocks

Hello Blogosphere!

So Pewdiepie...

is taking a break from YouTube next year and at the same time, Michael Hopkins Cartoons Blog is going full time...hmmm? Coincidence? Is this fate? Have the planets aligned for the Michael Hopkins Cartoons Blog? Maybe I can snag one percent of his 100,000,000 plus, subscribers? Of  course, we don't have the same
demographic/audience (is that the correct term?), however maybe some of his audience would like to start reading a blog from a child of the 70's while their idol from the last decade, is taking a break from YouTube?? Ok, probably not gonna happen boomer, but it's an interesting thought...massive amounts of YouTube youth, flocking to a blog about the life of a 50 something cartoonist...Nope, not gonna happen.

Thanks to my son (one of the YouTube youth I was referring to), I have watched a few of Pewdiepie's videos and they're decently entertaining.  In my opinion, they're more entertaining that 95% of what's passing for entertainment on television.  Also, probably because of my son's interest in Pewdiepie I have subscribed to a few YouTube channels myself. Some of my current favorites are, L&C Travels, The Carpetbagger, Matt Bridger, Slotlady and Captmoonbeam. Basically, if you want my attention on YouTube, make sure the video is hosted by a beautiful woman, who visits Las Vegas often and loves aviation (coincidentally...the exact kind of woman I want to marry

Just saying...


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