Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Thank You Stan and Babe

I believe the genesis of my humor derives mostly from three sources, Looney Tunes, Seattle legend J.P. Patches and Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. I inhaled these legends, directly from the television, into my consciousness, out through my hands and onto paper. The results you can see in my artwork. Of course, a good measure of Al Hirschfeld and Bob McCausland (Google him, he was a Seattle Post Intelligencer Cartoonist) thrown in as well. So that mixture, of those legends, resulted in what you see today...

I was first introduces to Laurel and Hardy from J.P. Patches. (If you were a child growing up in the Seattle area, from 1958 to 1981, at some point in time J.P Patches was a fixture on your television set. Even my children, who were too young to watch him, know the Legend of J.P. Patches). I was saying, J.P. Patches introduced me to Stan and Babe.

As I recall, J.P. would have either show cartoons or Laurel and Hardy shorts in between the comedy skits on his show. If I remember correctly, the cartoons included, George of the Jungle and Super Chicken (Bonus!) and probably more. When J.P. first introduced me to Stan and Babe, I was immediately captivated,  not unlike the first time I heard, Bennie  and the Jets (specifically...I was in my Aunt Donna's apartment with my cousins...), like that song, the film was unlike anything I'd encountered in that medium before. However, unlike the song, the film (I believe it was Laurel and Hardy's1935 short, Tit for Tat), was produced 26 years prior to my birth! That tells you the enduring value and genius of their comedies. Still today, fans across the globe love and adore Stan and Babe, their films and their contributions to our society.  I am one of thousands (probably millions) who love Stan and Babe, their films and the laughter they brought into this world.

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