Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Airplane Pictures!

This blog stuff is difficult to figure out. An example...I decide to update my blog every Sunday and my readership stats declines, I don't update on Sunday and my readership stats increase???

I do believe I need to update on a more regular basis, however,  I'm not sure if, Sunday updates, were the answer. So here's a updated blog on Wednesday...take that! 

Nothing much new and exciting my world (either as a Cartoonist or a Aviation Fueler). Actually, I'm not sure whether my blog readers are interested in my life as a Aviation Fueler? Personally I love the job! It keeps me involved in aviation, which in turn, inspires me. Also, it grants me access to some fantastic photo opportunities (which is one of my other interests). I wouldn't have had this opportunity, if it wasn't for the fact that I work at the airport. So today, I'll share of my favorite photos I've taken, while working at the airport.

Below is my latest.It's a beautiful sunrise a couple of days ago, taken right after a early morning thunder and lightening storm.

My next picture caught my eye, because of the clouds. It's looking the same easterly 
direction as the previous picture.

This next picture is of a American Airlines Airbus A-319, taken  over the wing of 
Skywest/United Airlines CRJ-200

Another sunrise..over the fuselage of another CRJ-200

The Antonov 124

The Spirit A320neo

I have hundreds, if not, thousands of airport pictures. If you're interested, I'll share more in the future.

See ya soon!


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